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please help me :((

I have 2 question. 

1) how can i add date and clock my project?

2) this problem is that project has 3 page. In second page there is a number that is changed with a plus and minus. In  first page, it should show that number. how can ı do?

my project is about motor controlled,actually centrifuge machine controlled. first page should have setting button(speed and timer) ,date, clock  and last speed and minute and of course start button.

second question is about last minute and speed. after motor finish to rotate, that button or number or txt (i dont know) must show motor's last speed and timer

should be in free chat ... but I like the idea of help as a Feature.

Timer Set discussion and my HMI could provide some insight.  To be responsible for a centrifuge, there is more needing to be considered.  What host MCU, which model Nextion is this project being done on?

Osman kardeşim 2. sayfadaki rakamı al bir değişkene ata sonra onu birinci sayfaya ata.Timerla yapabilirsin bunu. Nextion'da RTC olup olmadığını bilmiyorum.


MCU is dspic 30F4011 and nextion model is 4.3".

Murathan Bey yardımınız için teşekkür ederim ama tam dediğinizi yapamadım acaba biraz daha açık yazabilir misiniz? 

Ben dosyayı da yükleyim tam istediğimiz size anlatayım. hız ve zaman sayfalarında girilen değerler ilk sayfa da bulunan son hız ve zaman bölümünde okutmak istiyorum yani motor 5000 rpm ve 3 dk ile çalışmışsa orada öyle göstersin ve diğer işlem yapılacakken hız ve zamanı değiştirmeye gerek kalmadan işlemi başlatalım.

Ayrıca dediğiniz gibi real time clock'la ilgili bir örnek yok.

(877 KB)

 I am not sure if you both, Osman and TUNÇ, are aware about the fact, this is NO TURKISH  PRIVATE forum ...

Maybe others have similar issues, maybe others like also to read your tips and solutions. So, please, USE ENGLISH when you have something to post ... when looking to this board and all its members, I guess the real helpful specialists are NEITHER from Turky NOR do they speak turkish ...  :-)

sorry, you are right. when we find solution, I will share solution. :)

Osman, can you repeat your prior post in English?

Is you Nextion 4.3" the basic model or Enhanced with RTC and EEPROM?

 Hi Osman,

I am back again sorry i've been bussy.

You can use timer for continuious action. Use a timer.Then at the first page you should change n0 (son hız) from local to global. Then you should change it (son hiz) n0 to n10 or somthing that is not used. Finally you should write (son hız) ilk(pagename).n10.val=hiz(pagename).n0.val in the timer event section. So:

pagename.objectname.objectvariable = pagename.objectname.objectvariable

Be sure that objects are not local. They must be global.

I made changes for your project.

Have a good day.

(878 KB)

I am going to make an observation, and suggestion.

If this project is controller of a centrifuge - accuracy is needed.

IF Nextion is Enhanced and you are using the RTC, time is accurate from RTC

IF Nextion is Basic, then systick timer in HMI project will introduce flaw.

The more accurate method is for these variables to be tacked by the Host MCU that connects into the Nextion Display via serial.  Then use the Nextion Display as a Display.

Variables can be updated over serial.

sending the command for rotation t0.txt="3500 rpm" is no issue

sending the command for timer t1.txt="11:15:12.027" is no issue

On the Host MCU keep more accurate track of critical variables and decide when Display needs to be updated to reflect current state.  Doing the reverse and making the display a higher priority than functionality is a design error.  Ensuring critical tasks are done when needed should be a first priority. 

To stress this point, the human eye can not see quicker than 1/15th a second, so movies in 15 fps are adequate - but on a centrifuge, many critical tasks can occur in 66ms - therefore, critical tasks should be the focus, display updates when critical tasks are not occurring.  Thus, design probably should be to update variables over serial to the display.

thank you Murathan, now I understand what you mean but you have already solved my problem :) again thank you.

Hi Patrick Martin,

you are right. I use Nextion for input. For example I want centrifuge machine work 5 minutes and 5000 rpm. I will enter data to nextion and nextion will send data to MCU via serial. Finally motor(SRM) will turn what I want. 

I started to design control card. Nowadays I am trying to program MCU as you said.

Finally Thank you all who help me. I am not good for programming MCU and control motor. I am searching for informaitons and I am designing my thesis project according to what I find.

If I need help I will write here and wait your help :D

I am not certain which MCU you have chosen for your thesis project, but just note that ST MCU Documentation contain appnotes regarding critical routines, and therefore the hardware will certify.

For programming, C can be used via Keil (ARM) Compiler, and configuration of ST Chips via STM32CubeMX (tool from ST) outputs good code for use with Keil.  Further Note, depending on MCU space requirements, IF the entry STM32F0 series is sufficient size (used on Nextion board as well), then ST pays for year-by-year licence to ARM (~1800 USD/yr)  for you to use Keil Compiler without charge.

STM32F0 Discovery  and STM32F0 Series

I mention these in thoughts of your goal is use in a thesis, and it may be nicer to have a project that you can then build upon to attain later certification as opposed to theoretical implementation that would need to select all new components, new programming, etc to reach the same certification.

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Although this wasn't a real feature request, it is now marked as reviewed.

Future questions should be posted to the Free Chat Section

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