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variable FONT width

I think this NEXTION display concept is fantastic, but I cant help feeling that my font set looks very amateur and basic.

My application allows the user to edit text fields, and when there are wide letters there seem squashed together, and when there are skinny letters there are big spaces between the letter.

Surely, it's not that difficult to add a font width variable to each character in the firmware. 

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Thanks Teo!

@Anton, it is actually more difficult than you think considering the limited resources.

For now Fixed Width is what is available, and the ZI Editor version -0.09 is the latest.

I do have a structure and I am working on the code - this will be proposed to be integrated.

Until then, it is Fixed Width only and you can adjust your fonts to look better.

Do send the email in order to get the manual.  Follow the link Teo gave and please read.

Thanks very much Patrick and Teo. I will get reading through it right now.
(Sorry I've been off my project)


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I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Variable Width fonts has been requested previously - will be carried forward.

Hi Patrick ,

Some news with variable width fonts ?

Thanks in advance,

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I am still fighting for variable width.  Now I am also now in a position of feature recommendation for the Nextions.  So the users are indeed receiving a voice.  Just at the moment, the final decisions made farther up have been in favour of other major enhancements.  I am still very hopeful of variable width though it has a slightly lower priority at the moment.

Thanks for the quick response!

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