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Use Nextion RTC to sync time on Ardunio

 Ok, here's what I put together to use the rtc on the nextion to sync the arduino.. Then it can be easily formatted and manipulated. Someone may have a better or easier way but I have not found it yet.. I use the Arduino Time library by Michael Margolis. enjoy!

(5.9 KB)
(1.3 KB)

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Is it good for an improved Nextion?

No such thing as improved Nextion.


After trying this program, I see that I have mcu errors: data overflow What should i do knowing i have nextion hmi improved with arduino mega2560

thank you

hey Gtiturbo

- Please ask your question in the Free Chat section where it can be answered.

Chances that someone having posted something from 7 months ago to break out of what they are doing now to answer your coding questions will be slim to none.

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