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How to use GPIO/RTC in Enhanced version ?


how can i use GPIO and RTC in Enhanced version of NX4827K043 ?



Hi Mitek,

at first you have to insert the battery, so the RTC keeps running, when power is removed.

The System variables rtc0 to rtc5 contains the Information as values, so you can use number field to display the components on the page: 

n0.val=rtc5 //second
n1.val=rtc4 // minute
n2.val=rtc3 // hour

To set the RTC you have to run your project in the debug window. Switch the combobox from Current Simulator to Nextion Device, then select the correct COM port and press the Connect button.

Now select Nextion device RTC calibration from the menu Operation and voila the RTC is set to the Computers time.



I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Also rtc6 has day of the week value.

The Nextion Instruction Set has been updated with

repo, wepo, wept, rept,  cfgpio commands as well as

System Variable List now contains

rtcX, pioX, pwmX, pwmf variables.

Enhanced Tutorials would be good - and carried forward

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