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Add SoftwareSerial support to Nextion Arduino library

Please add support for SoftwareSerial or any other hardware serial ports other than the default. This is not only useful for the UNO but also for the ESP8266 boards which only have 1 serial port.

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Hell just add any support from this site anything!

the only and the best support is :   "read itead set instructions..."  

and we will more clever :P

many examples is full of errors..

excellent hardware, very poor support; too bad....

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there is already software serial support available for the nextion

i modified the library so it works on any gpio and on the esp8266

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@Martijn: not in the official ITEAD library, or did you fork the lib?

its the official one with a slight modification

send me a email if you need it

@ Martijn: I am also looking for a ITEAD library with software serial support with Arduino Nano since I already have the standard pins in use. How can I contact you or could you send a link to your library version?

best regards


I Atached it to the topic let me know if you need an example on how to use it because the examples included are the original Nextion ones

(11.8 MB)
Hi Martijn,
thanks a lot for uploading your library!
A brief example how to configure the serial connection would be great.(I guess the other commands will be unchanged)

best regards


I have added software serial support in Nextion library for ESP8266.

@Waqas Ahmed

I am reviewing your link, I will have a decision in a moment

@Waqas Ahmed

Offsite link removed.

@Waqas Ahmed

If you would like to post a Tutorial in a new Free Chat thread dedicated to this

 - where all required resources are posted in that thread

 - where it is not a 32 minute You-Tube Video - perhaps in smaller sequenced .mp4

    (too many users have no Google Access, Nextion is global)

 - where it is not part of commercial shopping

 - where each resource is explained in text and picture(s)

 - Tutorial HMI and ino should be paired

I would then consider such to link to a new ESP/Nextion Tutorials category

But not

 - buried in older threads,

 - with external link to commercial shopping

 - unrelated except for common MCU

And less so where Topics discussed in thread is already more advanced than Tutorial

  ie: Weather Station with PIR sensors, vs two image 4 button cropping

Content needs to be more Nextion related, and less how to use ESP MCU.

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