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New trigger event? Update text boxes with strings!

Right now I am able to make any script run with a touch press event or touch release event. How is it possible to make an action (script) run without one of these events; ref t0 does not work. If I would be able to run a script with a command after a newS string update and I would use this script: if(newS.txt!=str0.txt) { str4.txt=str3.txt str3.txt=str2.txt str2.txt=str1.txt str1.txt=str0.txt str0.txt=newS.txt t0.txt=str0.txt t1.txt=str1.txt t2.txt=str2.txt t3.txt=str3.txt t4.txt=str4.txt }

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

- The Bigger question Roger is how news.txt got changed from being equal to str0.txt to begin with.

And there in lies your answer.  for whatever command called news.txt="newText" can also call a click command.

Your series of commands can be placed in a touch event say a hotspot, click m0,1 calls hotspot m0's pressed.

onChange will be represented

An onChange event on the variables and textboxes would be nice :)
Maybe a workaround is to use a timer:
Put your actions in the Timer event with tm0.en=0 as last instruction.
Now tm0.en=1 will run your actions :)

Minimum delay of 50 ms
Only 6 timers on a page
Timer will only work if the page is active.

Hope this helps :)




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