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I would like to request functions that can be called from buttons and such.. Right now I can work around using the timer to execute code which is the same for several buttons, but it would be more elegant with functions

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 I second that. I am using timers for the same reason.

A component with an event that is executed when called. Named proc?

I need this even more now that I found out that only 6 timers can be used at the time...

Bummer, there is a limitation of 6 timers on each page :(  Multiple pages with 6 timers each compiles but I haven't tested if they all work  :)

With this limitation it's also a bummer that the status of the Button press repeat event feature request is Not Taken

Another request for this please!

Also could really do with a string split. so i could send to the display via serial  function("data1,data2") and have that function perform operations and set gauges etc.

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Work around:

Add Variable components for working scratch space and parameter passing

hotspot touch pressed, touch release can hold code

Can be called with click m0,1 (pressed) and click m0,0 (released)

String support functions carried forward

Button with timer event not taken .... both components exist, just add user code.

There are probably much better ways to implement without timers

certainly not in best coding practice

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