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Minimalist Node.js & Python code to use Nextion with Raspberry

Hello i'm not gonna write a long topic,

You want a simple minimalist code to use a Nextion screen with Node.js & Python (my code is better on Node.js !). If you want, here is a little code to control your screen with a Raspberry :

This is not a Node module, just an example, you can use my code directly into your program.

Don't forget to change the SerialPort in client.js "var port = new SerialPort('/dev/ttyAMA0'"

You can add some command directly into "write" object, or you can use "write.uart" if you don't want to. Post any issue if you have one, i will respond to you on Github or on this forum.

Sorry for my english, i'm a french dev !

Good luck with your project (with just this little code i have a 500 lines code to use my screen as home automation)

Bye :)

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