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Nextion to Mega Serial1, Serial2, Serial3

I have finally realized that the examples using software serial uses the configurable pins on a Mega and not the hardware serial ( Duh!)

Can someone show me a toddlers guide for using the hardware serial. I cannot understand how to link the nextion class to them

Did you get any answers to your question? I am struggling trying to get the examples running.

The default settings in the Iteadlib Arduino Nextion Library are configured for Mega on Serial2

The default wiring should be

    Nextion TX    to   Mega RX2

    Nextion RX    to   Mega TX2

    Nextion GND to   Mega GND

If your MCU (Mega in this case) cannot provide sufficient current (most cases)

It becomes necessary to supply Nextion 5V from separate 5V supply and not from Mega 5V

The Datasheet for the Nextion 3.5" recommends a 5V 1A supply.

I checked my power to my Nextion and it is registering at 4.56 volts.  I ordered a USB TTL from ebay to power it my Nextion separately and not through the Arduino.   I can at least test my Nextion direct through my windows machine.

I love those adapters.  One word, if the chipset in them is not "brandname" Prolific, you will need to use an earlier version of the prolific driver. No issue to download from prolific the older version and and rollback the windows auto updated (newer version) to use the older one download from Prolific's site.  I find v3.3.2.105 dated 2008-10-27 is fine.

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