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Sonoff switch becomes offline

Guys, today I start facing an issue when the Sonoff switch goes offline mainly when I am outside home. The internet connection is perfect, the switch is still connected to the router (Extreme Time capsule ) , but it shows offline. When coming home on wifi network - it goes online. I restarted it several time. After the restart it is visible online remotely, but after an hour again goes offline. What could be the issue ?

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 Hi all, I am having the same issue. I had the switch connected to a lounge room light, connected with the online android app, all was working fine, timers on and off also worked. Then after around 1 hour the switch was suddenly reported offline and the light was off, no indicator light either. I tried the manual button, but this appears to do nothing.

Finally I removed power from the switch and when I reconnected the power and the indicator light started flashing again and went through the cycle of reconnecting, the app on the phone still said the light was on, so to turn it back on I had to turn it off on the app and then turn it on again on the app.

The model is listed on the app as sonoff pro and the firmwarer version is 1.2.0 and it has "latest" on the far right of the screen next to the firmware version.

my switches goes very often offline, i have seen that they all connnect to china amazon server and
sometimes the network latency ist over 2000ms and then they lost connection. before some month there was a server in germany frankfurt they connect and all was ok. itead are write some month ago that they had amazon servers in europa , america and so on. please change the firmware to better servers.
I hab the latest firmware. the firmware uses ssl port 443 but the th10 use port 8081 (its older firmware but i get no information about new firmware.)


WIFI connection lost - After one day working well the WIFI has lost. This issue is repeating daily. Can you help?

Since the initial issue, I have had one instance again, it seems to be much more stable here now, so it does appear to be an issue with the connection to the servers from what I can see from my observations.

Will need to see if I can bring it in-house or at least to my local telehoused server... but that will be a job for later.

But other than the couple of hick up, a brilliant device that appears to work flawlessly.


I have the same problem. All of my Sonoff devices go offline every week (mostly after three-four days continuous operation). The problem is solved by turning off the power (with following reduction of the power).
I think ITEAD must implement Watch Dog Timer in the next firmware...


I am planning on buying a sonoff wifi switch, was just wondering with the timer programing does it remain if the power goes off and come on again or does it reset, also can it be used in 220v and 12V.

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