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Can't register eWeLink

Dear, In My version on EWeLink, I can only register with Email.  But, I nerger get the confirmation code.  I waited two weeks with two or three retry and never got it.  I checked my spam, inbox, thrash... nothing.  I don't find any option to register with SMS.  I looked on the website but don't find any way to create account either.  

What is the other options?  Thanks


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Same problem. I never recive any verificationcode.

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Same problem.cant register ewelink in m'y phone Samsung or tablette S2 . Son image as King if there is an other alternative or other soft . Tanks

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same problem i think the server dead no sms :\

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we cant use sonoff wifi switch without app !

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 Same problem. I never recive any verificationcode.... I have 2 sonoff and I can not use the devices

Please feedback your problem on ewelink.please describe your problem in detail,like attach your account which you want to register. your country,you didn't receive any varification code and so on.thank you!

Hi i got the varification code 10 time
Can't register too. Sent notice via feedback session via app, no response

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I bought 6 units and can't use them.

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iteadstudio will lose there clients because of bad support , and bad app 

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Yip, I'm already trying to consider my option with these units

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No response yet, still waiting for response on a service request

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Same here... I sent a feedback on ewelink, no response. I wrote ITEAD, they made me HERE, in this website a registration, but i still canot use my sonoff modules.I wonder, how want ITEAD exist, when negligates so hard the reclamations, inquiries of customers? We need a list of gateways, we could use as a smarthome center in behalf of an ewelink registration.I would feel much safer, when i have at home a master control unit for the sonoff modules... anything rather that an as much untrustworthy solution, as ewelink!

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I already bought couple of ITEAD devices but they are all useless without the ewelink app. I cannot register for ewelink app because it never sends the verification code to the phone.

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