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Copy-Paste across Editor Instances

It would be very useful if one could copy items from one instance and paste into a second instance.

Open abc.hmi in Editor instance 1.

Open def.hmi in Editor instance 2.

That works fine.

But, copy a button, text, timer ect. in instance 1 then try to

paste it in instance 2: "No component to paste"

That would be a great function!

I have the same design for 3 different Display Sizes. So i have to do the work 3 times if i change something.

Copy & Paste between 2 or 3 opened Nextion Editors would help a lot!

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

copy/paste across instances - carried forward.

Any news about this functionality, it is really a must have.


must have? for whom?

we have a Vaporware Policy ... no need to ask, we will be the first who will tell, when there is something to tell ...

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