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Setup RTC

Hi guys,

how can I set the time on the RTC?

I put a serial monitor on the serial port and found the commands to  set the RTC.  The following commands, when sent to the enhanced Nextion display, will set the time to July 19, 2016 at  time 20:29:45









Andy, and how to I read back from rtc0 for example and set the output to a text field?  

I have tried the following and I get an error on compile:


Error: Assignment operation failed:t0.txt=rtc0( Double click to jump to code)

Its one of the Iteadstudio problems! People dont have much information about the screen and they dont give the right support to their clients. !!!!!


You need to use Number fields instead of Text fields. For example to display the year, hour and minute, try the following:


Andy, Thank you very much for the help.  That appears to work!

Tiago, agree.  This product really appears to have a lot of potential.  If the documentation was a bit cleaner with a few more examples, it would be really awesome. Right now I feel like I have a product with a lot of potential but a difficult path to utilize it.

As a side note, this also appears to work:

cov rtc0,t0.txt,0

To give them credit, itlead did respond to a tech support email request.  The first response directed me to the instruction set (useless response).  The second response corrected my error in the above line.  

Yes they have credit for the products and for the fast responses, no doubt. I am a bit upset because my 4.3 Nextion its damaged and i think the reason is the power problem (of the flashing screen) when you dont connect it to an external power source, because i only connect the LCD to an Arduino (as i did the first time and worked well), but now, with the same Arduino the screen started to flash, i turned it off immediately and it is gone forever.. no power, no light, anything.. and the IteadStudio says "we can not do anything". P.S: IteadStudio never sent me the usb 'gift' (5v power adaptor), i was one of the firsts that bought this LCD. :| and this is the reason of my early message. 

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