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cut out PCB for LCD

 I want to have a serial board that sits over the LCD and bolts to the top/front of the lcd board and have switches.

the shield if VERY thick.  I want to make it much thinner to fit my case.

how can I show how t cut out part of the board ?   can I make a board in that space to paneltize ?

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I do not hink I posted clearly.    I have  16x2 display and want to make a board that has a cut out that lays on top of the display.  all the boards and shiels I have see have a board behind the LCD PCB. 
the LDC shield for the Arduino has the board behind and the switch on that board.

I want a board to go on top. 

my question is about making cut outs on the boards.  Is that a feature on my PCB software  (WinQCad and KiCad ) or is there some special notes I have to make ?


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