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Nextion use with esp8266 running arduino

Have you considered enhancing the Nextion Arduino library for use with an ESP8266 ?

An option to disable the serial2 hardware port and enable Software Serial would make the device very compatable.

Adopting Software Serial allows the existing hardware port to be used for development/debugging.

I am using the ESP12 which would otherwise be a great device to run the screen.

Given the popularity of the ESP in the maker community I think it would be a great step forwards.


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I can fix hat for you I have a modified nextion library for this

that uses softserial for the nextion

Can you please post the link to the modified Nextion library mentioned above. 

hey Andy send me a email on and ill send it to you

ill also provide a example

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Sounds great Martijn. I will also drop you an eMail if you dont mind.

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Arduino is an ongoing issue.  Request to enhance it - carried forward

Many projects now include ESP8266 use


I need to add to my arduino project and nextion the ESP8266, How can I do it?

Which ESP makes a difference (NodeMCU, AlienTek, plain module ....)

Perhaps get details from those that have used your ESP module in their project.

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