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Tutorials Section

I tutorials section in the forum would be nice. ( see This would have to be closely monitored to make sure the persons providing the tutorials actually know what they are doing. It would be a good place to collect examples of the subroutines and functions implicit in Nextion

Hey Rod,

Do you mean like the one in the Itead posts?

Located Via Nextion / Announcements / Nextion FAQs / 1.7 Tutorial

Where the people are Nextion, so assumably they at least know as much as we do?

Or the Gallery section where we as users can showcase what we have accomplished, providing explanations, discussions, videos, documentation?

Or perhaps the Free Chat Section where other users have shared their successful code?


I know when I have been flamed.. Thanks for link via blog... Why would a tutorial be under a blog and not under a forum beats me!

Hey Rod,

I am very sorry, I certainly wasn't looking to flame.  There are a lot of tid-bits floating around if you have the time to read.  I have skimmed almost every post.  My problem is trying to remember where I found what.  Questions in the forums, Free Chats in the Bug Reports, links .. yeah.

Tutorials, there aren't that many.  A display is a generic thing, and with generic things it is hard to showcase a specific without a huge segment going - hey this doesn't apply to me.   But it would be nice if people took the time to showcase to others and contribute a few tricks back.  Perhaps a dedicated section called Tutorials is straight forward and easier to locate.than digging, but with digging you actually see what the problems were, and maybe avoid designing yours like they had (avoid the problem all together)

Too many people's projects are top secret.  Either because the project has company aspects that shouldn't be openly shared at the moment, or because - well, if all I was showcasing was I have a different color button that you do, I'd classify that fact as well.

Some things require an expertise in a skill that others don't have.  I have seen a switch mounted on the back of the Display, but I personally cannot solder a 0.1mm wire to a 0.1mm pin -- lol, the whole chip would be buried in a totally cover short circuiting blob of solder.  Others do Arduino, I don't do Arduino as what was suppose to be such a tiny component usually ends up being a huge block with wires everywhere -- to me, it defeated the purpose of the tiny component.  It also requires learning yet another method to do the same thing I do already with something else (Intel Edison, Kylix3 and Linux), but even fewer people will have that combination.

So again, sorry - my intent wasn't to flame you.  Was there something specific you were looking to accomplish?

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

More Education is on the list of requests - carried forward.

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