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Imported image sizes are BIG


Im using JPG images as the background on a 7" display, which are around 120KB in size on my computer.

When i add them to the project, the project size is increasing by nearly 1MB each time! This is before i have even added them to a page.

What does Nextion Editor do to the image when it imports it and what can i do to reduce the size?

Im running out of space fast.


Anybody know what the best file format is??

My 15 images = 1.9mb

But the project is now 12MB!

Why is it so big? I need to add more but I'm going to run out of memory and won't be able to finish the project.


Tried all sorts of images types, they always use nearly 1MB in space.

Tried a solid black image, just one colour and they still import at 1MB.

What is the editor doing to the pictures? Its making it very limiting with the 7inch.

Just faced the same trouble with my 3.5" screen, the image of 5KB size (on computer) increased the weight of my project by about 400KB, any comments from ITEAD ?

I haven't heard from anyone.

The project is at the point now where the screen is the limiting part. It only has 10 pages and theres probably space for one of two more. Each page has two images, 1 background and another for the crop images.

The enhanced version has more memory but that is more expensive and not released yet.

I'm working on 40 page project at the moment, and yeah, the "graphical memory optimization" is a bit painful, enchanted display is good thou, plus, as I am working on multi-level menu all graphical features , like background, button design are passed from page to page. but yeah, ITEAD should invest some time in image processing (encoding) in order to allow more conservative ways to store graphical info. 

any solution for the image issue? i am having this same problem. one image of 12kb when compile get something like 100kb. And i am importing them as JPEG for Webpage, so it is like 0kb... Need help :(