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Nextion-ESP8266 ssid list into listbox

Hi everybody!

Have u you got any opinion how can i list ssid names come from esp8266 with arduino into the listbox with nextion?

There is no "list box" component with an "onChange" event.

However, if via programming through your Arduino, you were to accomplish

Capture on the Arduino the list of available SSIDs, then send a single SSID to Nextion via t0.txt="SSID#1" and via the prev and next buttons such that the Arduino can respond to their presses, you would be able to cycle through the list of SSIDs.  With the Arduino keeping track of the currently offered SSID, response to a select button would allow the user to select their SSID when it is displayed -- then use that SSID for your connection.

Hopefully you are not in a Megatropolis with 2500 SSIDs

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Thank you for your help Patrick

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