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Keyboard character

Hi I am doing a fully featured keyboard using the examples of others on this site If I use letter.txt="3" then no problems If I use letter.txt=""" or letter.txt="\" then I get error messages for both Can someone assist please

You need to write 



 The first and last double quote mark the beginning and end of the string, the backslash is the C-style escape character that tells the compiler to treat the following character differently (in this case insert the double quote instead of terminating the string literal).


Is there a method for asking for specific character 0xF8 / 0xB0 (degree symbol) ?

This should work 



 For more info have a look there

C Escape Sequence

the example letter.txt="\xF8" gives a 0x20 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF Improper use of escape characters.

Selective Escape at best :)  Still fighting with it.

Thanks. That article was very helpful

Status Update:

Though a partial escape sequence has been implemented in current versions

The \xF0 sequence will report a 0x20 Error code as improper use of escape sequences

The \xF0 sequence remains a Feature Request

This will now be marked as solved.