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NX3224T024_011 device not responding after touch on touchscreen

I have a problem with my NX3224T024_011,
device is not responding  after programming.
Device is working until I don't touching a display, device is do not responding after I press on touch screen.
Nextion-2.4-example also don't working. device is do not responding after I press on touch screen.
I think this device is working, because after unpacking it worked.

After compilation and upload project device not responding after touch on touchscreen.
The same reaction after compilation and upload test project from your site.
I dont know what problem, maybe on windows or language settings?

Model:NX3224T024_011R(With Touch),firmware Ver:S54,Device serial number:D6656068C22A5723,CPUID:61488,Flash Size:4194304(4MB)

(1.39 MB)

I use a windows 7 home basic english and i see the same problem.

This problem not in language settings.

Can I download older version Nextion editor?

It's not in the version Nextion Editor, it's in Firmware in device.

I used older version 30,31,33 and got the same problem.

I'm having the same problem on NX4024T32_011 and using Nextion Editor V0.35.
There is no response from the touch input.


Please upload your 24.hmi file.

I am guessing that the file was converted from an earlier rendition of the project and that your touch press/release events may be empty if they did not transfer during the conversion.

Thanks for the reply Patrick.

I've attached the 3.2.HMI after downloading it and compiling it.

Even if I start a new project, and only add a Dual-state button, it does nothing.

(1.59 MB)


Give me a moment while I look at it for you.

And My

(1.36 MB)
(1.3 MB)

I am going to ask you to try these HMI and TFT files.  (I don't have the 3.2" model)

If these end up working for you, the explanation becomes this:

Compiler warnings for q1 and m3 overlapping

- I adjusted the position of m3 slightly, compiler no longer complains.

Page names really shouldn't contain spaces.  When a command in the events lead to
page touch area

argument 1 : touch

argument 2 : area

it will attempt to change to the page named touch (which there isn't any)

- I adjusted all references with page names containing spaces to without spaces.

Give it a try and let me know.

(1.68 MB)
(0 Bytes)


I found the same type of errors with yours.  I adjusted the settings the same as above, renamed components that had spaces in their names.  Test these hmi and tft files and let me know.

(1.3 MB)
(1.39 MB)

I make only 1 button on this.

It's also dont't work again.

(74.6 KB)
(10 KB)

I upload 24mod.tif now and I'm having the same problem

As a side note:

When project files contain warnings and errors, they are there for a reason.  Errors usually mean a no go, and Warnings state unpredictable behaviour may occur.  You have to hunt down the offending culprits with the only clues being given in the compiler messages.  A nice touch was when they added the double-click to jump-to-code in the Editor.  It helps a lot. 

It is also a great idea to run the project in the debug window and double check outputs and variable values, that they are giving you the responses you are expecting.  Testing things like the gauges to ensure that when the value exceeds the gauges range, that you have a check in place so that the user doesn't end up with an error and is calling you.  If newval <= toprange then attempt an increase else ignore. (This of course was never done in the demo)

You projects should compile without warnings and errors before rushing the compiled TFT files to the displays.  But hey, even I am guilty of letting the excitement get ahead of methodology.


Hello Patrick!

When I make a 2.HMI file I haven't errors.

Page:page0 Memory Occupied:30

Compile Successful! 0 Errors, 0 Warnings,File Size:76392

This is worked at debug window.

but it's dont work at device. (The same at other my projects)

I think as firmware at my display is brocken. 

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