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NX3224T024_011 device not responding after touch on touchscreen

I have a problem with my NX3224T024_011,
device is not responding  after programming.
Device is working until I don't touching a display, device is do not responding after I press on touch screen.
Nextion-2.4-example also don't working. device is do not responding after I press on touch screen.
I think this device is working, because after unpacking it worked.

After compilation and upload project device not responding after touch on touchscreen.
The same reaction after compilation and upload test project from your site.
I dont know what problem, maybe on windows or language settings?

Model:NX3224T024_011R(With Touch),firmware Ver:S54,Device serial number:D6656068C22A5723,CPUID:61488,Flash Size:4194304(4MB)

(1.39 MB)

I think need add a command for calibration - 
Nextion Instruction Set — ITEAD Wiki
touch_j   //Enter touch calibration function, this command does not need parameter

I'm sorry I never tried the re-calibration. Instead I tried some mechanical engineering on the unit and now its positively reached end of life.

The new unit is good. Making good progress.

Also, very impressed with this forum - thanks to everyone!

Thank you very much for your help.

This working now.

I don't know how calibration be damaged?

But now is worked. I'm happy.

Please use the calibration instruction to calibrate and try again.

It wasn't my intention to take over the thread, I was just pointing out the simulator touches sometimes do not work either, then the questions started. I'll start a new thread.

Yes, of course.

I made 3 tickets, but no answers at all.

@Usrview  You are right, maybe Dan should have started a new thread.

Did you open a Support Ticket? Anton with the similar issue has declared his a hardware malfunction with that particular unit.  The firmware was not the issue.

Hello guys!

But you answered not in this problem.

Can You make new discussion abut your problem?

I don't get reply about my problems in that discussion.

The simulator shouldn't be missing.  Can you elaborate.

If I am the Arduino, and I issue

get t10.txt

get n4.val

page page2


The Simulator will return these values (in hex as per the Instruction Set)

If a Press/Release Event is used,

it will send the Instruction/Page/Component/Touch-or-Release/EOD

What commands are not being returned, there may be a slight error in the format

We're talking about the simulator here not an actually screen. Its currently on 19200.

However I connected a 3.2 display to the same arduino project and each button press works fine on that so far. It not the same Nextion project though as it was designed for a 7" i had to re-save it and take out / move around some items to make it fit.

A 7" is on order because its hard to program/test with the simulator due to commands not being received, hoping the device will be much better. I don't need the 7" for a while yet and will more than likely need the enhanced version for more memory.

If it is occurring on all baud rates, it is looks more like the Nextion is bogged down doing other things and missing the timing for data send receives.  Solution is to lighten the what the Nextion is being asked to do and see if it helps.  Try a fresh project without a lot of huge graphics and test to see if its miss rate drops.

I can say the Tx/Rx buffers are very limited, you have to make sure your data is being fetched in a timely manner, code subroutines taking too long can leave the data in the buffer too long having it over written.

It is TTL.  If the Display is becoming busy (rx/tx are on interrupts) it doesn't send/receive data at the same time very well.  I might try a small 50ms (to 70ms) sleep at the end of the release code (creating a small gap between when it should have sent, but before it starts the page change) and see if that helps.

On a side note, fyi, another way of getting the page changes is to write a "sendme" to the Nextion, and it responds with your page number, done on demand when your Arduino needs to know (if that saves any thing for you).  All Send component ID contains the page already which you are already using.  Rambling now.  What baud rate were you using?

I have tried many data rates, always the same thing random times not receiving the touch buttons.

The commands are on release function, with send component id ticked so i can track page changes. In the user code it changes the page in Nextion, some buttons send values to the arduino.

Serial 2 on a mega goes into a MAX232 chip with 2inch long wires to a FTDI usb converter. 

@Dan  Baud rates can sometimes effect that, how well the rx/tx is shielded from line noise, any fluctuations in voltages, electrical magnetic interference etc ... standard "_TTL_" considerations.  You did not provide much information to go on.  In most cases if an RX/TX line becomes noisy and drop rate gets higher, decreasing the baud rate a step down will always provide less lost data than the rate above.

Might be completely unrelated, but I have the simulated connected to an Arduino and the Arduino doesn't always receive all the commands from the touch buttons.

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