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Nextion Too much power consumption (sleep)

when I set the nextion to sleep mode, it still consume 17mA which is too high for sleep mode.

is there is a way to make the module consume less power during sleep?

It seems high part of power is consumed by on board power regulator (U1 on Nextion 3,5")
Nextion display works at 3V3 (TX and RX pins are 5V tolerant); 5V power line on cable connector goes directy to regulator.

If you power your display trough (J2 golded pads) and disconnect from +5V, I think mode sleep consume will reduces drastically.
If you are working with Arduino or other boards usually inlcudes a 3V3 output suitable to connect Nextion display

BE CAREFUL! 3V3 pad has not reverse polarity or over voltage protection. If you exceeds maximum voltage input you will damage Nextion display!


I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

5V input is needed to drive the LED display, MCU draws 3.3V post regulator.

3.3V pads for factory loading of firmware and testing (serial wire debug)

Powering display with 3.3V through pads will damage eventually the LED portion of the display, under powered

Although this wasn't a real feature request, it is now marked as reviewed.

so which Resistor is connected to the LED? so I can change it to match 3.3V instead of 5V

No.  Nextion display is powered by 5V. 

Anything less will damage the screen.

Rx/Tx can be 3.3V but display requires 5V

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