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Arduino Uno

The example codes are not running. It seems like there is no serial communication between Nextion LCD and Arduino UNO. Although, for Arduino Uno the configuration file is changed from Serial1 to Serial, yet, the problem is not solved.

I know what you are talking about. I can't get any of the examples to work. I too think its a problem with the Serial communications. And forget about Tech support they are clueless.

I am also having trouble.  Several hours of hacking with no resolve.

Erich, see if this will help you.

Nextion Display with Arduino Uno: How To

Let me know if you need help. I too had a hell of a time trying to get anything to work but finally got it.



  Thank you for the reply.  After many efforts and hours last night, I gave up trying.  At the end, I found a couple of thread discussions that probably explained what was going on, but they were lengthy - I got confused on what files needed to be modified and where they were. 

  I would appreciate any help you can for me to get the communications working.

  I also got lost trying to find the documents for the Arduino Nextion libraries, it looks like progress bar, buttons and everything else are objects I can control easily if I knew what the parameters were for these.


Did you check out the link I provided? 

 Item 1. Is the location of the required Arduino libraries.


 Item 2. Explains in detail how to set up "SoftwareSerial" which is needed for serial communication with  the display.

If you follow the instructions I've provided it should get you closer to your goal.

Please feel free to let me know if you need more help. What Arduino board are you using?



  I tried the link.  I thought I replied, but I don't know where my message went, after spending 20 minutes to detail exactly what went wrong, I pressed "post comment" and my browser just flickered as if I took to long to write a reply and returned back to the thread....

  Anyway.  I tried the thread.  My Arduino IDE compiler is rejecting compnumber.ino : 

S:\Data\Arduino\Nextion\compNumber\compNumber\compNumber.ino: At global scope:

compNumber:61: error: 'NexNumber' does not name a type

 NexNumber n0 = NexNumber(0, 3, "n0");

I don't know what libraries I am expected to use, where they are and where to put them.  I simply went to "sketch->manage libraries" and searched for "nextion" and it appeared to download "NeoNextion" libraries for lcd displays.  So if these libraries are incorrect, or I have to do something else to erase & re-do the "nextion.h" on my system, at this point I am lost.


I have attached the Arduino ibrary for Nextion named "".

Just extract the files and move the extracted folder "ITEADLIB_Arduino_Nextion" to where your Arduino libraries are located usually "C:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\Arduino\libraries\" 

It contains a folder named examples that may help you.

Once the libraries are there follow the instructions on setting up "SoftwareSerial"

Full instructions

SoftwareSerial Setup

If you still need help then let me know in detail what you've done.



Ok that wrapped it up and fixed the problem.  Thank you very much for your help, now I can finally create my control panel.


Glad to hear you've fixed the problem.

Good luck with your control panel.


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