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GPIO connector on Enhanced Nextion display

What kind of cable/connector should we use with the GPIO connector on the Enhanced Nextion display ?

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Has the ENHANCED version of Nextion 3.2 possibility of using SD card slot
for save and load user data?
It will be a very importent improvement!

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Any other info about this enhanced version? I have received 2 units but no idea how to store and read from memory. Nothing on the web regarding the coding instructions.


The time has perhaps come for ITEAD to come with an explanation of these questions.
ITEAD can not expect sales of enhanged Nextion before user guide, software and sample programs are available.

One would expect to have infos about how to access GPIOs, RTC, EEPROM and all the other enhanced features BEFORE you dump the devices on customers that actually have bought the devices for these features!


See also this

Sleeping ITEAD Team again?
There are 14 days ago since Raphaël opened this topic.
This evokes little confidence!!!


About the same question of Raphael, my new enhanced display doesn't arrived yet and I not sure what include but I just received an answer from Iteadstudio, and told me that the cable to connect the GPIOs is included with the enhanced display, and about to save information in the SD Card, it is not possible yet. Only is for uploading a program in *.tft format from the PC to the display.


I received my 2 enchanced screens last week and no GPIO cable!! Only classic cable for PS and RX/TX

Bos dias Filipe,

!!! Two minutes ago I asked again about it. I closed my ticket for this question but I opened again for your answer.

I think that you also have to send a ticket to solve this question.

Un saudo,


Hello again Filipe. You have to see the package that you received to search a white and blue cable like the image that I attach. If you don't have it I think you have to send a ticket to the support line here. They are very quick.



I send the photo again due to the other is impossible to see the cable.

That is a photo of the GPIO board and not of the display.

I've got two 3.2" enhanced displays and there is no flat ribbon cable with either of them.

Hello Scruff...You have the reason. This people sent me the image wrong or not. I sent a new message and told me that the only cable is this with expansion board. I told him that I dont want to use this expansion board while I use the IO pins and I need a cable alone, and I am waiting for the answer.

They told me that sent me this image due to is included, free of charge, the expansion board with the enhanced displays.

It is incredible!!!

I think you have to use some ribbon parallel cable and cut 10 cables of the complete ribbon!!! I would do that. It is incredible that they doesnt supply some standard rigid pins as Arduino!!

1024 bytes eeprom is not enough for my applications.
That should be no problem to combine SD card to save and
load user data. For example, using different SD card load firmware
and user data. Or delete xxx.tft file after use..


They told me that sent me this image due to is included, free of charge, the expansion board with the enhanced displays.


Does this mean they should have sent us one of these boards WITH each display?

I wouldn't say no to this tho'

These FPC flat ribbon cables come prefabed with the respective number of "pins" with an extra sturdy part on each end to push it into the connector.

I don't think you can use any ribbon cable and just push the wires in there.

They should at least provide something like this (only 10 pin) along with the cable with each display.

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