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Sonoff future enhancement

Hi, I am creating an ESP_Basic tutorial for using a hacked Sonoff device.
It is intended to be the primary switched udp network module to be controlled by various other nodes. So far, I have it web-controllable, udp network-controllable, ability to flash local ip address on the green led, the local button is user-configurable for toggling relay or blinking the ip address, it can be user-selected for on/off control, or toggle control, or timed delay on/off with timed on/off duration. ESP_Basic allows OTA wifi programming, making it well-suited for the Sonoff device.

However, I've just seen an article where the Sonoff is reading a DHT-11, and also that the unit has a red led capability, and also that it can be supplied with external 5v across the diode to allow the relay to switch non-mains loads.

I would very much like to include these as additional options for the tutorial, so would appreciate any hardware pinout details such as...
 1. what gpio is used for the red led?
 2. what gpio is used to read the DHT-11 data input?
 3. what other gpios are available at the rf connector?
 4. any other hack details which might be useful and help appeal to wider audience interests?

I would also like to make a suggestion for consideration in a future version - that you include a usb charging socket in the device.

It already has the 5v supply available, but it would offer significant additional benefits besides usb charging capability, such as...

Allowing the module to be driven by an external usb plug-in 5v supply without having to solder wires internally.

It would also allow 2 gpio's to be available on the usb socket data pins, either as additional switched external outputs, or external plug-in sensor inputs.

It would allow almost any types of external analog and/or digital sensors to be plugged in via the usb socket... possibly for connection of multiple spi or l2c devices.

I will gladly create the ESP_Basic articles and tutorials to take advantage of such features, and I suspect the demand for such a product could significantly increase - especially if you improved safety by including a pass-through earth, and preferably 2-pole relay switching.

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I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

This is not Nextion Feature request - I will try to redirect

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