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Does anyone else have this issue?
Whenever I put in an SD card to upload the project, I turn on the unit and the screen remains blank. And nothing happens.
I turn it off and back on again, without the card, it works fine - with the old program.

In the past I have formatted the card or renamed the card and it has worked, but now it just remains blank no matter what I do.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong and what I can do?

there are multiple .txt files on the sd card?

there should be only one standing!

Nope. All that is on the 8Gb card is the one file.
I'll usually format it beforehand, so it is completely blank before putting on the new file.


you want to upload your file .hmi here ?

I don't see that being the problem, but here it is for you to check :)


The .HMI file


I have the same problem?

I bought a new 16 GB SD card and when I put the sd card with the tft file the display does not turn on nothing happens, I already formatted the "32 FAT" card and the problem remains.

It is possible that the problem is the card or the HMI editor update?

Nextion FAQs

microSD card is for loading TFT file

 - it is not meant to remain in the Nextion device.

Ensure reading the Nextion FAQs for procedure

HC Class 10 Kingston 8GB or 32GB seems to work well

 - not all cards are designed for embedded world

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