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Convert project from v0.32 to v0.35


I noticed that the initialization event is enhanced in Nextion v0.35 thus my old projects code in this section is deleted after conversion, so my question is how could I readd this code to the page "Preinitialise event' while I have picture full screen, I didn't find a way to select the page only after removing all pictures, did I miss something?

Thanks in advance

Very strange nobody noticed this? Page events are not accessible with picture full screen.


PS: Accessible through a combo box on top of Attribute property editor



I wasn't paying attention sufficiently during the upgrade to 3.5.   I did receive a response from the Nexton Editor that it was going to make a backup of my project.  I am not sure where that backup is located, I haven't really gone looking, but perhaps you have a copy of the pre-3.5 version of your project in a backup directory somewhere to make a copy and retry.


Thanks Patrick


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