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Value to String Conversion NOT Working

Hi everyone. I'm just now learning the Nextion environment, and I have hit my first major roadblock. I must say, this forum has gotten me pretty far, but I just cannot seem to get the cov function to work properly.

I have a slider (h0) and a text box (t0) and I am trying to get the slider value converted and displayed in the text box. I can easily assign the value to a number, but not the text box. What I eventually want to do is display a decimal value in the text box, since I cannot do that in a number box.

The code I use is < cov h0.val, t0.txt, 0  >, but I am receiving and error saying invalid variables.

Can anyone get this to work properly?

(6.03 MB)

lose the spacing.  One space between cov and list. covspaceh0.val,nospacet0.txt,nospace0.

cov h0.val,t0.txt,0

[SOLVED] Thanks Patrick! That works! Really appreciate the help!

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