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debug simulator uses 100% cpu

As soon as I start the debug simulator the nextion editor uses 100% of cpu time and my machine comes to a crawl. I am using v0.35 and can provide the HMI file if you give me an email address to send it to.

If you have not upgraded to v0.35 I would strongly advice not to do so...

Sorry to hear. I have 3.5, Windows 10 and have attempted several times.  As High as 37.5% on mine, seems a bit excessive on quad-core.  Greater than an entire core to do ... I could see if huge input was in and huge output was going out, but this is supposedly emulating a Cortext-M0.  Excessive?

There is no reason the simulator needs to use 100% cpu time while in the idle loop!

Many things were addressed and fixed in v0.36 and forward

Since many editions has since been released,

This will now be deemed historic and as such marked as solved.