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USE This Thread for FONT issues. Nextion ZI FONT Editor for Windows

I have seen lots of discussions on the ZI FONT on the boards in every category and have read many of the issues that people are having.  So I am personally taking on the challenge to do something.  I am still waiting on some specs.

1) I have approached ITEAD Studios to work on a Zi Font Editor.

2) The programming I will be doing will be for Windows operating platform, and it is being programmed in Delphi 2009.  My aim to fix any font related issues so that the Nextion Editor is a pleasant experience for everyone.

3) I am not an ITEAD Studios employee.  I am not priviledged with their business information or other data about ITEAD Studios, I will not have any answers or information regarding future products, releases, or statements than you have.  I have taken on this work personally of my own free will.  There may in some future moment exist some reward if and only if you are happy with the solution I come up with.  Other than that, keep in mind that I am unpaid and limit any abuses.

4) I am human and have limitations. I can not perform twenty assignments while simutaneously multitasking at 5.0 GHz.  I am versed in English, but fairly well in binary computerese as well.  I am in the GMT-400 timezone and I am not a 24/7 machine.  I require sustenance, rest and entertainment, try to limit directing any frustrations this direction.  Logical thought processes and comments will help to create a better Font Editor.

5) To accomplish a good Font Editor, the code/updates will be kept in a single location to stay in control and on top of the updates.  For this reason, I am not making my programming code Open Source.  No requests for the source code, no GIT hub file branching -- no zillion copies with unknown versions or multiple versions where one functions well for 2,3,and 7, next 3,4 and 5, and next 3,5 and 7 - no worries about "why doesn't 4 work anymore.

So let's get started.



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 unless ...

Is there any chance?

Thank you ,

I have a question.  This tool is called a Font editor but it doesn't let you actually edit a font.  It only converts a font to a fix format.

It would be nice if the tool would center the letters instead of starting always at the left edge.  It must know when it is converting a character how wide it is and try to center it in the fixed space.


I would argue it is indeed an Editor

Such characters do not occur naturally within other Fonts.


Opinions should be well researched before making false statements

Even reading this thread, you would have read it was an editor and have evidence of such provided.

But requests are not taken from the unlicensed.

Complaints are handled by allowing the complainers to feel free to code their own.

Sorry, I was confused.  I thought this was the font generation tool built into the Nextion Editor.

I also thought Nextion code was closed source and they were not revealing there file formats including the ZI font spec.

I guess I don't know what this tool can do.


as already told, reading instead of "kick pants" may surely help ...

Confusious says confusion okay:

  The ZI Font Editor for Windows is not the built in Nextion Editor font Generator

  - because the font Generator has past issues, I created the ZI Font Editor for Windows.

I also thought Nextion code was closed source and they were not revealing there file formats including the ZI font spec

Indeed the Nextion code is closed source, as is my ZI Font Editor for Windows as stated early in thread.

Indeed Itead is not revealing any of the formats, as neither will I.

so I started a project with the display nx4024T032. I am using the nextion editor v0.46.

my client has asked about the font used and looking at several we determined they are all mono spaced not proportional. we  are wondering about proportional spacing on the fonts. I have come across this thread indicating the displays only support mono spaced fonts. Is there any updates on if the displays will be  supporting proportional spacing anytime soon? Thanks is advanced for your feedback

I believe your "proportional spacing" is perhaps referring to variable width

   Indeed, Nextion does not yet have support for variable width font data.

All fixed width fonts are proportionally spaced

  width is equal to half the height where height is a multiple of eight

  as such every letter is indeed proportionately spaced from start of each char.

Nextion .spay and .spax can be used in increase this spacing further.

Hi All,

I'm using Nextion Editor 0.53, even though i generate the font there, it doesn't work in the ZI editor...I get wrong header error message.

Any ideas, because based on past posts it works with "newer" generated fonts.

The font editor you use is not my ZI Font Editor for Windows.

It appears to be Sergio's ZI Font Editor.

My Editor is being reworked but will not be a free software in Future.

Thank you Patrick, where can I keep a look out for you editor once available?