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SD Card not being read

I received my Nextion 7 today and installed a very simple button, which displayed a switch in the centre of the screen. It didn't do anything, it was just to see if I could get it working.... it installed from the SD card and displayed fine.

I decided to start testing properly and installed more details on the SD card, turned the unit off - installed the SD card, turned it back on and the screen remained dead.
Nothing happened. I took the card out, powered it back on and it still has the first display I installed on there.
No matter what I do, it will not install a new display.

Is there anything I'm doing wrong?

I have just done a full format of the Sd card, and now it seems to be working....

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I also understand that only one *.tft file should be on the SD card when loading into Display

If there were two *.tft files on the SD card, it have possibly contributed to the issue.

As this has been solved and acknowledged, the topic will now be marked as solved.