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Remote on off button

I made a modification to one of my Sonoff's See the pictures above.

This allows me to have a momentary push button wired to the Sonoff to turn it off/on or pair a remote control to it. The push button can be some distance away from the Sonoff

The reason I did this is because I intend to install the sonoff in the roof space of my house connected to a light circuit. I will then run the low voltage wire to my push button light switch on the wall of the room.

I can then activate the lights by either the wall switch, the 433mHz remote, or my phone.

It would be good if this was a standard feature of the Sonoff. It only requires installation of a terminal block connector socket and some openings made in the casing.



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No need to make any modifications. The device can be controlled using existing light switch. See screenshots for settings. 1) go to ewelink app 2) select device from the list 3) click Top right icon to show menu 4) click Settings 5) Power on settings = On How to use existing light switch 1) When light is on - Switch light switch off, 2) when light is off - flip switch to on to switch light on.

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Hi arik ng.

Can you explain me how can I install a sonoff wi-fi in my current electrical system ?

Example : I have a Bulb light with 2 switches (these are deviators, right). I can Install sonoff so everything is working together? 

from what you say it would be enough to go in Sonoff's settings ..... did I understand well?

p.s : from your screenshoot I don't understand nothing !!

@max doro. I believe the objective is to be able to switch the light on/off using the manual switch instead of the app (in case u dont have tbe phone with u or your wifi isnt working). The App settings feature allows you to use the existing wall light switch to turn light on/off when you dont have ur phone or wifi. You could try to use the wall switch to turn off light, it would be off right? k, but whe u turn it on again, it would not work? unless u use the app. So by changing the default setting- Power on stage = on. You can control the light by existing wall light switch. Try it and it will makes sense. Cheers.
In other word. You dont need a secondary switch to turn on the light if it has been turned off by the app. Use the existing light switch on the wall to turn on the light if it has been turn off by the app. E.g.switch position would be On but the light is switched off by the app. So if you have changed the default settings, you could flip the switch to Off (wait 3 secs), flip it back to On Position and the light would be turned on again.

@arik ng 

How is it possible for the sonoff shut down the light bulb if I turn on the light on by wall diverter (or by wall switch) ?

Can you explain me the electric diagram ( between light bulb-sonoff-wall diverter) to do what you say ?

@max doro
@max doro. See diagram. Connect Sonoff device inline (between wall switch and light bulb)
(30.5 KB)

@arik ng 

There is a big problem in your diagram.

If the light is turned off with wall switch, how can I turn it on with sonoff ? Because sonoff take tension from the wall switch in your diagram !! And so we have the same problem !!

@max doro. I was reffering to this scenario: when u switch off the light using the App, you can still turn it back on via the wall switch if u couldnt find your phone or your internet stopped working. E.g. Emergency. so if u need to switch off the light again, use the app! Leave the wall switch ON at all time.

@arik ng 

Your diagram is ok for 3 of 4 total scenario. But here we talk about make all scenarios workinig !

If accidentally someone turn off the light with wall switch..... we can do nothing !

With the solution posted by @Ian Gough we solve every scenario !!

But if there is some other solution without open and solder the sonoff.....  it would be better!

@max doro. Agree, but still required a physical contact to the switch to turn it back on, so why not use the original switch instead of making another switch and open the device up And soldering mods if it is not really needed. Yeah the mod makes sense but is it worth te efforts. I just wanted to share the info so that other members aware of the options, because I was looking for way to turn the light on without my pbone, and without the mod, simple settings achieved that.

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@arik ng 

You are right. Your is a good solution without any work to do.

but I think many others have thought of your own solution.

But here we were looking for a solution to solve any kind of scenario.

And welding the two files on the sonoff button we created an external button and then we can use each button of our house!

Maybe the best thig is to ask to Itead to solve this problem via hardware/software. And this is possible because Sonoff have a pin (gpio14) free for this use !!

The data we can input to the scratch are simple, like the integrated button : 

wall button on = tension = (HIGH)

wall button off = no tension = (LOW)

@arik ng

Hey Arik, you happen to be from Singapore? According to our population, the chances are quite slim hahahaha... but how thank you for the helpful tip! Just to clarify, this is using the Sonoff Basic? So you install a Sonoff Basic behind every wall switch?

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