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Remote Ranch Monitoring Base Station

I just wanted to share a project that I'm working on. It uses a 4.3" Nextion which I purchased during the indigogo campaign. As background, this is project uses a 433Mhz transmitter to link a base station in the ranch house with a remote station located at the ranch front gate about 1.4Km away. The base station monitors the following:

Gate (Open/Closed) - Set off a buzzer if open.

Electric Fence - If it has not pulsed in the last 10 seconds it will set off the buzzer (different tone)

Battery Voltage - This will let the user know that the battery is capable of opening the gate and running the electric fence. If the voltage gets low there might be an issue with the solar panels.

Temperature/Humidity - This helps with feeding the animals and watering them.

Layout was done in Photoshop as layers and then exported as png files when everything was laid out how I was hoping. The buttons were found with a google search. They looked nice and worked great with a dual state button.

I'll upload the HMI as the project moves forward. I only get a hour or so a week to work on these things, so it may be 6months or more till this is complete. Any thoughts on the UI?

The link to the youtube video does not work

This should work. It works for me...on multiple machines. Try these two links:



Nicely done!  I really like the rocker switches.  Nice clean interface.  I look forward to seeing your HMI!

I agree ! Nice job on the buttons. Would like to see the HMI file and he arduino sketch

very, very nice job.

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