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T0.txt="..." not persistent?

I am starting to fiddle with a multi-page GUI on the Nextion. I have several text fields I need to fill dynamically. I use the "t0.txt="blabla"" command for that. That works great as long as I stay on the same page, but as soon as I switch pages, the changes are gone when I switch back to the original page. Am I missing something or is there a preferred way to achieve my goal?

the most easy way to share content across pages is to use global defined variables ...
just set a textentry according a previousely set global variable when a given page is entered ...


 Ah, that solved the problem - thanks!

Waveforms can not be made global as well, I suppose? I tried it, but got messy screens with it.

One additional question: can text fields on different pages refer to the same content? Just by using the same, global ID?

declare your text-variables as GLOBAL ....



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