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Font Problem from older files

I have been trying to learn to program my new Nextion 5" display with little success. When I load older HMI files in to the new editor ver .34 not all the fonts will display.  I have been working with the Sous Vide Controller and everything appears to work as displayed on the Arduino Serial Monitor but there are no readings displayed in the digits area of the display. I have created new fonts to replace what came with the original HMI file and they still don't display.

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After doing lots of investigation on this project today, I have found the reason for my dilemma. Most of the projects I have been looking at and trying have been for the smaller displays. Since I have the larger 5" display, it appears the text boxes do not resize to the same ratio on the larger screens. So to make the text visible I just have to fiddle with size and settings to make things display correctly. Now that I have uncovered the display problems, I can get back to learning how to make this display work for my needs!!

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