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fgTimer - Programmable Timer with Nextion Display

I Have create and published my last project based on Arduino Mega and Nextion Display.

Thingiverse: Thingiverse Files

Project: Project Files

Video: youtube video

if someone wants to participate in the development, there are the following points to be completed:

- English translations

- Web server with relay activation

If you have any other ideas you propose, I would like to grow the project ...


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Looks like an interesting project. What language is the display in? I only speak English.



Actually there is only the Italian Language, but I can translate it to english... 

I need help to complete the wifi web portal section to activate the relais thru web.


I saw you project on Thingverse and was going to purchase 2 board for $4 each until I saw the $40 shipping fee to the US. Would you be willing to share your sketch in English? Looks like it would be a great learning tool for me.

Thank you


I'm really sorry for shipment cost but from Italy it's a big problem. about sharing the sketch, actually I have invested more and more time to make the board and I don't want to release it as public domain... I hope do you agree with me about this decision... I'm trying to find another solution for selling in the world wide... I have released as open-source the fgtimer project the shield it's not a must have to assembly the timer. Flavio

Flavio  I was not asking for the board drawings as I can see you put a lot of work into it. I would buy  2 if not for the cost of shipping. I am trying to learn to use my 5" Nextion display and saw you have very good layout and many features. Since I am new to Nextion display, if I could see your sketch in English I can learn from you how to read and write to my own display.

Thank you for your time.


Sorry John for late reply.

In the next weeks I can try to translate it to english !!

ok ?


Thank you Flavio. I greatly appreciate your effort in helping me learn !! If you find a less expensive shipping solution, please let me know as I have a few friends that are interested in your boards also!!

grazie mille


Hi John,

I've found a more economic shipment solution !!!

Actually I can send from italy with a starting price at 12 eur.


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That's great !  I have been working on the sketch trying to get it to work before I buy. I keep getting errors when it tries to load the sketch into the Mega.

Here are just a few of many errors I get:

fgTimer4:89: error: 'NexPicture' does not name a type
fgTimer4:93: error: 'NexText' does not name a type
fgTimer4:94: error: 'NexText' does not name a type
fgTimer4:95: error: 'NexButton' does not name a type
fgTimer4:96: error: 'NexText' does not name a type
fgTimer4:97: error: 'NexText' does not name a type
fgTimer4:98: error: 'NexText' does not name a type
fgTimer4:99: error: 'NexText' does not name a type

Once I the basic sketch working then I may be able to help with the WIFI section as I have worked with that before. Did you get a chance to work on an English conversion of the sketch? No hurry just asking.



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