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Layer again - the "up" command is currently meaningless

 Now in new version v0.34 there are two new commands "up" and "down" to move component layers respectively. But if you want to move "up" object which is covered by other components, how can you select it for moving up? The only way to select currently is to click on it - but you only click on those which are already on the top...

The situation when the "under" component is sticking out from under another component is probably meaningless in most cases (unless it is a "hot touch spot").

Whence, once again I repeat my recommendation to make a window with list of all components in currently active page. This window should be logically located between "page" window and "attributes" window on the right side.

Then it will be easy to select any component in this window regardless whether it is covered (on the bottom layer) or it is on the top and then to use these up-down commands... I expected this feature to appear in this new version.


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I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Hey Vlad,

Up/Dn component ordering - effects rendering order. 

The lower the component id, rendered first and therefore on a "lower layer"

In the Attribute pane, there is a dropdown above the list of attributes and values.

This allows you to select any component included in the page.

Your point is made several times,  I will be able to represent it.

Component pane as opposed to drop down - carried forward

More layering support - carried forward.

Zoom feature vs Screen scrolling - carried forward.

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