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Nextion v0.34 Page ID attribute always '0' for all pages

 This is about the "Attribute" window, not "Page" window.

On the top of this window it shows name for the page and also "Page ID" for a given page.

So, now it always shows Page ID=0 for all pages.

Even though in the "Page" window IDs shown are all different. 

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I still have the same but in v0.39...


All pages are id=0 on Attribute window and I cant change.

Hi Mario.

This is not a Bug, but rather intentional by the HMI design. 

The Page Component is the first component within any Page.  

As the first and "parent" of all components within its Page - all Page Components have the .id of 0.

The ref command uses either the .id attribute or the component's .objname as a parameter

ref 1  // refreshes the component on the current page with .id = 1

ref t0 // refreshes the component on the current page with .objname t0

The component with attribute .id = 0 is always the Page Component of the loaded Page therefore -

ref 0  // refreshes the current page (and all components within the current loaded page)

The Page's .id attribute is different than the Page's sequence number in the Page window that is used with the page command to change pages.

The page command uses the page's sequence number or the page's name as a parameter

   page 3   // loads the 4th page within a the hmi project with the sequence number of 3.

   page main   // loads the page with the page's name of main.

The .id attribute is actually a component's sequence number for the order the component's are loaded.

To change the .id or the order, there are two arrows in the toolbar.  Page will always 0.

Arrow up says "Bring Top", will make your component the last component loaded

Arrow down says "Bring Bottom", will make your component the first after the Page, and thus .id = 1

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Ohh thanks didn´t know this.