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Nextion v0.34 upload over Serial stalls - doesn't finish

This bug I narrowed down to Nextion IDE uploader utility .

I am using newest version just been provided on the itead site (as of today 04.15.16). Speed set to 115200 in both Nextion and IDE uploader.

My Nextion 5" programmed for this speed and seems to work fine with MCU controller at this speed.

After starting uploading over USB-to-Serial , the transmission chokes at 78% and Nextion stops communicating with PC ...

If Nextion is programmed to 9600 baud rate - the PC to Nextion transmission finishes fine.

Deducting from all above - the problem should be in ITEAD' PC uploader utility.

There is some chance that my FTDI USB-to-Serial adapter is breaking down communication but I have used it for other boards with this speed before and it was fine.


hello friend

reading ur asking and no problem 115200 hz thanks

ı buy nextion 3.2 in aliexpress now not come here waiting me but dowloand nextion editor v 0.34 and looking

ı have my card 18f45k20 microcontrol looking baundrate 115200 have  

Many issues prev0.36 were addressed and solved with version 0.36

As this is now historic, this topic will be marked as solved.