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New PCB preview/review when ordering - Opinion

I just placed an order for a few PCBs, and was greeted with some kind of automated PCB review step.

It wasn't very good..

One of the designs just said "false" (no preview), even though its gerbers are made exactly like the other two designs.

Both of the other boards showed an error for the board outline, even though it displayed fine (dimensions are within limits as well).

Also, errors such as "silkscreen line too thin", "annular ring size" etc, doesn't give you an indication of where the actual error is..

I hope ITead is going to keep their human PCB reviewers as well, because the software just isn't cutting it.

Emmy Yin has been invaluable for me when it has come to resolve gerber errors. She's one of the reasons I'm sticking with ITead.

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I just want to order some PCBs I've designed. How do I get to the site to do that. I thought I had it then lost it during checkout.

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