* Nextion FAQs

Nextion is not open source,we do not provide schematic, PCB layout, IDE source code or design data involved. 

We offer Level 2 support to customers, please understand that we can not debug your code, we can only ensure the hardware itself works as expected.

1. Nextion Useful Links

1.1. Nextion Arduino Library 

1.2. Buy Nextion 

1.3. Nextion WiKi

1.4. Nextion Instruction Set

1.5. Nextion Editor Download

1.6. Nextion Datasheet

1.7. Nextion Tourial 

1.8 Nextion IDE Runtime Lib .net framework 3.5

2. Common Problems

2.0. The connection between Nextion and control device

MCU(Arduino)---Nextion Display





USB-UART(Foca )---Nextion Display





2.1. Screen display problems

2.1.1 Flashing screen, blurred screen, or the screen do not display normally when power on.

It may be a Power supply problem. Please power your device according to the datasheet power supply range. Too high or too low voltage is likely to damage back-light. For datasheet please refer to 1.6 (Nextion Datasheet).

2.1.2 Yellow screen, screen displays in abnormal color, screen has white lines, screen has vertical lines.

Screen quality problems, please contact seller for after-sale service. Please refer to 2.5.

2.1.3 White screen

Please download the latest Nextion Editor.

Then follow the instructions of this post


If problem unsolved, please provide your order number, if your device is in warranty period we will fix it or exchange it with a new one.

2.1.4 The screen displays "sys error"

Please program your display with the demo that has same size, please refer to 1.3

(Nextion WiKi)

If problem unsolved, please provide your order number. If your device is still in warranty period we will fix it or exchange with a new one. For details please refer to 2.5.

2.1.5. Screen backlight went off

Back-light ICs may have been burnt. If your device is still in warranty period we will fix it or exchange with a new one. For details please refer to 2.5.

2.1.6.Nextion displays:”The current time is incorrect due to lack of battery”.


Possible reason:


1).No battery. Please install battery(type: CR1220)


2).Wrong operation. Please operate as follows: setting time--->power off nextion--->power on nextion--->the time will display

2.2 Touch Problems

2.2.1. Click on components, receive no output on serial port

Please execute the command "bkcmd = 3" (Nextion instruction set) to re-enable serial output function.

2.2.2 Can I use serial commands rather than touch operation to awake Nextion from sleep mode?

Yes, you can use the command “com_star”, please refer to 1.4 (Nextion instruction set).

2.2.3. Screen do not normally display the interfaces, and nothing happens after touching.

Please check whether the chosen size of the HMI project is the same with screen size. If not the name, you’ll need to modify the size to be the same in Nextion Editor.

2.3. Library Problems

2.3.1. I have connected Nextion to Arduino and used Nextion Arduino Library, but when I use your examples, it returned error.

First, make sure the board type and serial port you selected in Arduino IDE is correct.

Second, check if the wiring connection between Nextion and the board is correct.

2.3.2. I don’t know how to use Arduino Library or do not understand relevant examples, can you explain in details?

please refer to the comments in the code.

2.3.3. How to use Arduino programming to control Nextion?

Please refer to the following links:



2.3.4. When using Nextion library, where to set serial port?

It’s in “NexConfig.h” file, please set the following code inside:

 /* enable debug serial */


 /* define serial for communicate with Nextion screen */

 #define nexSerial Serial2

2.3.5. Can Nextion display be used with Raspberry Pi?

Yes, please refer to this blog: HOW TO USE NEXTION TO WORK WITH RASPBERRY PI?

2.3.6. Can Nextion display be used with other MCU?

Nextion can work with a lot of MCUs, but we only offer Arduino and Linux platform Lib. You’ll need to develop Lib for the other MCU, and all instructions must strictly follow Nextion instruction set

2.4. Others

2.4.1. Can I use TJC version to work with Nextion Editor?

Please ensure you buy Nextion from the official channel.

TJC version is allowed to be sold in China mainland only, and this version supports Chinese only.

You can barely get any support for this product.

It’s not sold by ITEAD and we offer no support to such product.

2.4.2.   How to upload project firmware (tft format) via SD card?

Prepare a SD card, make sure SD card in FAT32 format and less than 32 GB. 

Copy the project file from PC (Open Nextion EditorFileBuild Folder) to SD card, make sure there is only one .tft project file in it. 

Insert the SD card into Nextion SDcard slot, then power on, project installation will be automatically proceeded. 

When the screen displays "Program completed", power off your Nextion, remove the SD card, the entire process is completed.

2.4.3.How do I upload project(HMI format) through serial port?

Step 1.Connect Nextion display with a Foca(USB--TTL).

Step 2.Connect Foca with computer by a USB cable.

Step 3. In Nextion Editor, select your com port, click “Upload” to upload your HMI project file to Nextion display.

2.4.4. Is there Nextion Editor versions to be used in Linux or Mac?

Sorry, currently we only have Windows supported version. If we reach our sales goal in 2016, we will have enough budget to design the cross-platform web UI.

Before that, we will focus on one platform.

2.4.5. My browser or antivirus software notes that Nextion Editor may contain viruses, so I cannot download it.

It’s a false alarm by the antivirus. Just ensure you download it from our official website. You can set Nextion Editor as a trusted software in browser or close your antivirus software temporarily, then download again.


2.4.6. What is the latest version of Nextion Editor?

Check the latest release version from Nextion official website.

2.4.7. Can Nextion work as a raspberry-pi display device?

No, this is not supported. 

2.4.8. Can Nextion display flash or animation directly?

No, this is not supported.

2.4.9. Can Nextion support screen rotation?

Nextion display does not support the same screen rotation function as mobile phones that can rotate the interface during running system. But it is quite simple to design a 90°/190°/270°interface for Nextion display. The steps are as follows:

Step 1.Create a HMI project in Nextion Editor.

Step 2.Click “Setting” in the toolbar

Step 3.Click “Display” and select the display degree and direction

2.4.10. What’s the SD card format Nextion supports?


2.4.11. Can I solder a wire to J2?

It’s not a user interface, please do NOT use it in your project.

2.4.12. What programming languages Nextion editor supports?

It does not support any programming language, rather, it only supports relevant instructions and operating instructions provided in Nextion Instruction Set.

2.4.13 Can Nextion read SD card file?

No, SD card is currently used to upload tft project file.

2.4.14. Can text component support word wrap?

Yes, please notice that you should use /r, not /n.

2.4.15. Anything should be noticed while using serial simulator to control the display?

For related usage please refer to Nextion Instruction Set.

Every time when you enter the instruction, do not end it with new line or carriage return. Rather, you should end each instruction with 0xFF0xFF0xFF.

2.4.16. When uploading the project by SD card, the screen showed successful. But next time when the display being powered on, the screen has no response (dead).

Try following methods:

a) Reformat the SD card, re-copy the tft file, and then try to upload again.

b) Change to another SD card, then try to upload again.

C) Try to upload through serial port.

D) If you have tried all above methods and problem is unresolved, please contact us for return or exchange. Pls refer to 2.5.

2.4.17. When it shows: <84 78> resource file error, how to resolve?

Check the back of your display, if there printed with words “TJCxxxxTxxx_xxxR”, it means your display is TJC version, which is not sold by ITEAD and we offer no support to such models.

2.4.18. What are the range and unit of screen brightness?

Range: 0-100, unit: %

2.4.19. In Nextion Editor, what attributes can be edited by instructions?

Those attributes in green color can be edited by instructions. The attributes in bold support automatically refresh after editing. While other attributes must use ref.

2.4.20. The display has burned to dead.

If it was burned by faulty operation, we will not repair it for free.

2.4.21. Can I program my project to Nextion by Arduino boards?

No, currently this is not supported. But we are planning to support this function.

2.4.22. I pulled out the wire during uploading project through serial port, the screen became black. How to solve it?

Try to upload your project through SD card, and ensure the power supply is within the range.

2.4.23. When installing Nextion editor, it notices: Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application. How to solve it?

Please install  .net 3.5 from Microsoft website.

2.4.24. While using UNO to connect Nextion display, why it failed to upload sketch?

UNO has only one serial, when you upload sketch, you should firstly disconnect Nextion display.

After successfully upload sketch, you can connect Nextion display with UNO.

2.4.25. My pictures get distorted when importing to Nextion editor.

Nextion only support pictures made by color of 16 bit 65536, RGB565

In Photoshop, if you adopt RGB 888 (8 bit 3 color channels, 24 bit) to design pictures, they will be distorted when you convert them to RGB565.

You can refer to below link and convert the pictures to RGB565:


If the pictures don't get distorted, they'll be normally display on Nextion.

2.5 Return and Exchange

If you request a return or exchange, please open a ticket on Itead Support System. Our staff will follow up your issue.

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