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ITEAD 3G shield can't read SMS messages

 Hi, I have a number of ITEAD 3G shields, and am now trying to implement SMS messaging.  The SMS SEND works fine, and I can receive messages, but I can't read messages that have been sent back.

I use the AT+CMGF=1 to ensure it is in text mode.






All of these commands only return OK, and I know there are messages there, because I have responded to an SMS from this device.

Is there something else that needs to be done?

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Right, so I figured out that part.  The preferred memory (ME) isn't where it stores incoming messages.  It stores them in SM.  So using the following AT command :


...shows you the message.

But the messages are garbled. 

+CMGL: 0,"REC READ","8410110811511611497","","15/05/13,11:16:14+40"
A servicesfearrom  rnE i esvttaal
:E"119"29"eem'rEa yar s tero  5

This happens on two different modems, and at two different baud speeds (19200 & 57600).  I've noticed this issue with responses from TCP/IP connections as well.

Can you tell me how to resolve this please?
It should be noted that the garbled return is different every time.


+CMGL: 0,"REC READ","8410110811511611497","","15/05/13,11:16:14+40"
A service message from Telstra. For information on ol u,EetoantcEeg n ist eueepsr vs tt/tetacma/oieis
CG:1"E ED,8010151197",1/52,83:94"
o xr ec fmn 'v tode Er aa nes a omng ormbl aacss ofd umree esr.o/oraa pot 80309


So... the problem.  After much trial and tribulation, I have established that serial comms to the ITEAD shield MUST be at 9600.   If you choose a different speed, you get garbage.

Now you know.


Hi Anthony,

I am having all sorts of problems trying to get my sms based messaging system working on 3g in Australia. Would you mind sending me your code for sending and receiving? I am not getting the unit to connect to the telstra (Australia) network at all.



Hi Anthony,
I am new to Arduino and the ITEAD 3G shield, I have purchased the ITEAD and Arduino MEGA 2560 and trying to communicate with my cell phone by sending SMS and calling to my mobile no, I tried with lot many code and studied lots of details but not getting how to communicate or make my ITEAD shied to work.

I was trying to communicate by writing the code in Arduino IDE but not getting any response.When I was searching for some codes if anybody has worked with I got your details, could you please let me know how to communicate by at-least sending SMS and calling to any mobile number. or If you have any code could you please send it to me.

I have powered using the USB to arduino and from arduino on board 5V pin connected to ITEAD 3G shield and respective TX and Rx pins are connected in reverse way. 

Radu, you can't use pins 1-7 on a mega to communicate with the ITEAD.  I use pins 50 and 51 on the mega, and wire them to connect through pins 6-7 on the top of the ITEAD board.  You also cannot use the USB power for powering the mega and the ITEAD, as the itead draws too much current.  You need to power them through the VIN pin, and I power them at between 7 and 8 volts.

Hi Anthony,
I have placed the ITEAD shield on the MEGA board and connected the TX0 and RX0 pins as per the datasheets, is that wont work?
Is that we need to use an external power supply to drive the MEGA with ITEAD?
I have a 12V 2A power source can I use it to connect it with MEGA power Jack?
Do you have any connection diagrams or image for connecting with MEGA and ITEAD?
Can you send me the proper code for SMS and call. 
Hi Anthony,
If we connect an external power supply we can't use the serial monitor in arduino IDE as we can't use both power Jack and USB connection together, so we have to use as a standalone device which can directly communicate with our mobile. is that right?


I have the same problem, Raju you get answer?


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