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Can not connect to Display in version 0.33

When I try to connect to display in version 0.33 the software says:

"INVALID DEVICE TJC8048T050_011R" which as it happens the number on the pcb also.

 In settings in Nextion it only gives the option of NX8048T050_011 or NX8048K050_11 (32M version).

What to do now to get it to connect?


It's harsh but true!

You have a display for the Chinese market and will not work with version 0:33.

Solution: buy a NX8048T050_011 or NX8048K050_11 (32M version).

as already stated a few times, for Itead it seems to be more important to care for "Marketing Issues"  than for real product issues.

The time they spend to cripple down their editor for NOT support TJC displays, they rather should have spend in a

- good documentation
- better font handling
- etc. etc. etc.

Itead, you shouldn't forget, customers pay a REAL money for your product. And it seems that you still didn't catch the obviouse, your biggest value is NOT your product, it is your reputation. And your

- lack of in-time respnse
- obviouse ignorance of feature requests
- obviouse ignorance of bug reports (by the way I hate to be unpayed beta-product-tester for you)
- etc. etc. etc.

only damage it. Be aware, competitors are not that ignorant than you ...

Best regards


p.s. maybe Itead should care, that TJC displays are NOT sold outside China ... :-)


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Just received 2 displays... and right away, after having spent time designing some interfaces: Boom: same thing, it happens to be TJC displays

Sorry but this litteraly pisses me off, back to the drawing board, I'll do without iTeads stuff (too bad, i have a huge bunch of iTead boards, Nextion, despite the sharp edges, looked nice)

- Nobody forced you to buy TJC displays. You can't blame Nextion for your decision ... :-)
- Nobody force you to use Version 0.33 of Nextion Editor

So what can you do?

- use Version 0.32 of Nextion Editor, and all works again
- use the chinese Version of TJC editor from TJC USART-HMI and have a look to page 9 of this thread ...
The dll works fine with the newest version 0.35 ... Juan did a real great work ...



I know Gerhard, but I wasn't going intentionnaly for the "chinese" ones as some resellers seem to carefully keep the confusion in the air. I did give it a shot though with 0.32 and the command line updater, as I do need a minimum to show up until the heavy weight linux boards boot in my car dashboard project (hopefully <10s)

(I did come across that thread, and was precisely looking for it right now :-) thanks for the link, I didn't know how to craft the search query to find it)

Second thought Gerhard (and you might want to get your pc checked):

The built-in Windows Defender detects a Trojan on old-0.35.exe: Win32/Spursint.A!cl

Redoing it by double checking the target url as /old/0.35.exe instead of old-0.35.exe turned up a 0.35.exe file without issues (the other one gets quarantined immediatly so i can't scan it elsewhere, might check later on my unix workstation)

You never know...