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5" Nextion screen does not fit in editor window and no slider!

My previous post about 5" Nextion screen not fit into editor's window got no replies... it was bad enough to slide up and down the slider to access different areas of the screen in the process of editing.

Now I upgraded to v0.33 and... got much worse - even slider is gone!

Now there is no ANY way to access bottom half of my designed screen! It's not usable


I confirm ,please back slider to better operate your editor ,it isn't improvement.


I am using latest v0.33 and 5inch display and everything is fine. I had to pull down output and event window to show full 5inch screen.

Owengrey - you're probably using larger resolution screen. Mine 1366x768 .
Output and events windows completely down... only about half of the Nextion page is visible, no zooming and no  window slider either. Nothing can be done. Bottom half has no access by any means...

 I re-installed 032 version to be able to work

I think I know the problem. Vertical screen dimension of 5" Nextion is 800 pixels (800x480). This is exactly how Itead programmer mapped Nextion' page into the IDE's  window 1:1 without scaling done to fit into the window taking into consideration actual computer's screen resolution....
My vertical laptop screen resolution is 768 total ... less IDE's frames, toolbars, etc... roughly about 500 pixels left to show Nextion designed page - this is how much is shown out of 800 pixels of the design page...
I am sure this is the problem.


We noted it.

This "BUG" should be fixed in next version.

There were changes made to size and orientation that has improved since v0.32 and v0.33 was a big change.

As many versions have since been released, this topic is now historic and will be marked as solved.

The issue of the missing slider was returned

The issue of the zoom to see without needing to scroll has been added to the Feature Requests