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Guage Needle Update ---Simple Realistic Changes--

The software is definitely on the right track, so good work team!

If any of this is currently available to do, someone please inform me otherwise, here it goes:

1) Different selectable colors for each needle width

   -Example: The Max Width is currently 5 pixels. If you could choose what the color of each of those pixel lines would be, it would help make the needle look more realistic, as the user could use shading.

2) Triangle Tip at end of Needle with selectable color

   -Just to add more realism

3) Choice to overlay a circle around axis point of the gauge with selectable color and radius

   -Adds realism

   -Adds the option for new gauge designs, such as a large radius would leave the center area solid/clear for graphics or other information while the needle sweeps around the perimeter.

Here is an image to help clarify my thoughts:

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user post has been edited due to its offensive and unqualified nature ... we won't tolerate this

NO, no, no - you are misinterpreting much.

There is no emotion on the written word to be read into it.

But be fair?  Would you have made the request knowing it can already be accomplished?

And if not, it was only not reading the other threads that included films and the user HMI code to implement such for how your request was made in the first place.

There is no emotion, not everyone has English as first language

 - Nextion is Global, in many many countries

 - not everyone can command sugar coating the facts.

 - when not sugar coated, it seems may even seem abrupt.

 - do not mistake conveying facts as emotional

Gerry provides deep technical knowledge shared with the Nextion community

Reread the thread, and read it without injecting emotion

 - you will see up to the point you attacked professionalism

   - there is just non sugar coated facts

Also, few boards have long novel story style like I write

 - many are use to just quick answers without three chapters

sorry when my professionalism does not fit every customers ideas ... that's also not my duty to proof ...

It is our task to

    - give technical help as its best

    - keep the forum in an order

To do it seriouse is already a very time-consuming issue.

But it is not our task to

    - find postings for users

    - read postings for users

Sorry, this is just a bit out of our scope ... we have better things to do ...   

user post has been edited due to its offensive and unqualified nature ... we won't tolerate this

Patrick had no issue providing a respectful and helpful reply, free of condescending tones and insinuations.


Before we address the age of this thread vs recent videos

Simple 20 step gauge  was posted in the Gallery Feb 6 2016 using this technique

Circular gauge with Timer Event was posted in the Gallery Sep 28 2015

I would interpret FEW ... as there are now many many examples.

I was also going to mention this, but didn't as it was already stated.

A deeper understanding of the decision is that the firmware space

needs to be reserved for expanding firmware capabilities, and when

it can be accomplished within user code and capabilities, it doesn't

advance the Nextion to fill firmware with things users can do already.

The Editor will never become a photoshop replacement, such user

programs are also already available and already of high quality.  So

most graphical issues are usually accomplished with the users

favourite graphics program.   With a little code on the Nextion side

many gauge style effects can be accomplished well beyond what

the gauge component itself is capable of. 

Gerry will provide a tutorial on such in 2017

the thread itself is around 10 month old, but sorry, you didn't reply on a 8 month old posting, you replied on Patricks entry from  "Fri, 6 Jan 2017 at 9:19 AM" ...

So, even a 16 days elder posting was alredy available when you post and request today ... "Mon, 9 Jan at 9:17 AM" ...

And as Patrick already showed, there are many threads out for this topic ... not only one, and not only a 16 days old ...

Gerry Kropf, please keep in mind this particular thread to which you are replying was started almost a year ago, and remained without an update for 8 months. So my apologies if a thread started, or examples posted, just 16 days ago in a separate thread were missed.  The bolding and capitalization of the word FEW, paired with the ellipses at the end of your response comes off a little hostile, disrespectful, and condescending, and as such, was not needed. Nor is it a good representation of the customer interaction to be expected from the itead forum team when responding to users and supporters of their product. If this was not your intent with the bolding, capitalization, and ellipses then my apologies for this miscommunication created by the multiple possible interpretations of online text.

Patrick, thank you for posting the attachments for clarification as it is very much appreciated.

everything is already posted a FEW times in the Gallery and FeatureRequest forum ...

Can you better explain your comment? Has the software been changed, or a newer revision added to allow for images to be used as needles? Or for greater needle custimization to preform the task being described above? Can you provide a visual example?


Gauges can be realized via pictures

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

idea for better rendering carried forward

Thanks for the like "teo". It is very much appreciated!

I forgot to add this "current vs requested" pic:


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