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NexConfig.h for SoftwareSerial on Arduino Uno

Using just the 0.7.0 version of the Arduino Nextion library and only modifying NexConfig.h, it's possible to get SoftwareSerial working.  Here is a link to a description of it:

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Good information.

If i want to use external power supply to the Arduino UNO & use the pins 0 & 1 as Hardware serial (since Arduino UNO has only 1 hardrware serial port through pins 0 & 1 RX & TX): in the header file "NexConfig.h" if we change the #define dbSerial Serial1 to #define dbSerial Serial AND #define nexSerial Serial2 to #define nexSerial Serial;

Does it work out?

It didn't work for me and I am trying to do exactly the same thing you are. 

I have been trying for weeks trying to get tmy display to do something hell, ANYTHING with no luck.

Tech is absolutely useless here's a response I got today from 

Jack Liu - "Please look the “readme” of the will find the answer." 

And I'm like - "How 'bout you tell and not let me find"

What the hell kind of help is that. Are we playing guessing games now.

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I attached a copy of the Nextion Library for an UNO board,

I simulated it & it is working but still did not test it with Nextion Hardrware). I just removed the examples folder to reduce the size of attachment

Try to test it with your Nextion Screen.


Thank you Baarini. I tried the library that you sent me and that doesn't work with the examples provided by the Nextion Arduino library. By doesn't work I mean it does not communicate with the Display. There are no compile errors it just sits there and looks at me. It should be the other way around no?

Again thanks for your time and I'll search around for a solution.


I ordered one 4.3" Nextion Display. Once it comes I will try it too.

I found also another working library for UNO Boards (Simulation working; still awaiting the display to come to test it also). I attached it also.

You may want to try it also. 


Thanks Baarini, 

I'll have a look at it.

Let me know when you display comes in. I hope you have better luck getting it to work then I did with mine..

Here is a link to the example I am trying to run 

Dropbox:  CompButton Example



did you solved the comunication problem?

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 Furthermore, issue  solved.  No one sits and waits at desk for 1.5 years pondering the same wiring for 2 wire Serial