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vis;hide/show component

I cant understad how use this funtion: Vis

vis;hide/show component

vis obj, state

vis b0, 0   //hide component b0
vis b0, 1   //show component b0

But without use a button like in this example:

Could anyone show me how to do it?

Thank you.

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Yes, and I am interested, too. Probably does not work, I think.

The new version 0.33 works. Thank you.

I too need this feature.

I've tried with both version 0.30 and 0.33 with no success. 


How did you get it working in 0.33? I just get an error (0x1a) returned.

Here is a small example)) if you click on the text, it sends the identifier - is to check their work. If the text is hidden identifier is not sent when you click. Everything is working.

(171 KB)

HI, I have problem with vis function, when I try to hide one component to hide all components, ask for help...

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Although this wasn't a real feature request, it is now marked as reviewed.

the error I see is too many spaces in command for vis

vis b0,1  ... there should only be one space between vis and object, no space after comma and choice.

Future questions should be posted to the Free Chat Section

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