Nextion Editor v033 Preview 2016-03-15

It's long time since last update. But I am sure it's worth waiting.

See the above video, and you will find much difference.

Hope you guys will like it. 

CLICK to Download.

Waiting for your feedback.

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Download link not working? I'm excited.

Try again. It works now.

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Looks very good.
But what ist Postinitialize Event?
What new features are there?
Are there any new system variables?
Is it possible to rotate the Display 180 degrees with system variables?

Without this Information is a feedback not possible:-(

Save the Display the sys0 to sys2 in the eeprom? What ist the enhanced Version?.

@Alexander  a new version with more powerful hardware, still in the lab, not finished yet. 

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WoW, the thread is so... HOT....  :)

For all TJC Display users. It seems, that Nextion now also implement a Type-check inside the RS232 Upload procedure. Means, with version 0.33 you CAN'T use anylonger Nextion compiled TFT files with TJC displays.
There is no real technical reason for this, it seems more like a marketing issue.
So, for all TJC display users, version 0.32 of Nextion editor is the last version which work together with TJC displays.



When enhanced version will be available for buy, test?

Are we gonna have some changes to fonts rendering/generation anytime soon? There's only so much I can do in photoshop.

@Gerhard Kropf 

You are right. 

Marketing issue.

just installed it, looks nice (if you rename the old program directory you can still use the 0.32 version).

Features like layering, aligning, undo redo are great. 

I did a quick check but fonts do not seem to be changed. @iTead please do something about this, it remains to look awefull. In my opinion this is the major issue with these screens at the moment. In any professional usage the screen is the eyecatcher and needs to look great. A designer can make a beautifull GUI but if the fonts are this bad it will never look good.

(or do tell what I am doing wrong in case others do not have this issue :-) )

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 @Jerry Shi 

Is this version fully compatible with a code generated in previous version?

This announcement only about a "preview" version. When will you update your main download page 

 Or is it not ready to be placed there?

And please reply regarding the compatibility - it's important to know if a porting job needed for migration to a new version.

I downloaded the latest version here -
But the installation program is not installed.
In Task Manager, there are three processes, but they do not pass.


Win 7/64, Intel i7, 16Gb RAM

any ideas?

Big problem, for variable objects no longer be able to enter the code on the initialization of the same.

Please resolve it!!!

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