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Updated schematics

The schematics shows a serial row of five pins and the device I got only has four. I can figure that out but it indicated the schematics published are not up-to-date.

Additional things that need to be clearly documents:
* What are the additional exposed pins at the top of the board
* What is the interaction between the ESP8266 and the microcontroller and the 433Mhz radio
* What is the logic of the button
* It looks like the button is connected to the microcontroller and possibly also the firmware/flash pin
* What is the purpose of the PWM1 connection

It would be extra useful if you could provide a sample code or even open source the code you are already running on the device. You have already opened up the iotgo server and some api clients but opening the source for this device would be useful to simplify adaptation of the system.


This is about the Sonoff device, sorry for the mistake in the forum.


I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Was not a Nextion Feature Request - will see about redirecting

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