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update nextion display with SD Card.

Hi guys

is anyone experience problem with updating the nextion display with SD card?

I use the nextion editor to create the UI and it seems all works at editor's level.

after compiled the UI work and open the build folder in editor and copy the .tft file

to the SD card. the SD card is brand-new and never been used, there is just one and only one file on the SD card. when the nextion startup it show the message

"the system detect multiple tft files, can not be updated, please remove the extra tft file",

The update never proceed...

Any ideas to fix this problem

The SD card method does seem to be the easiest way to program the Nextion display.  Try reformatting the SD card and make sure it's in FAT32 format.

Since I ran into this issue today and couldn't figure it out at first, I thought I might chime in with the fix in my case.
Sometimes the issue is that even though you only see one .tft file in your file browser, there are multiple files hidden, which are created by your OS.

On Mac Os X there's an easy fix for those who are familiar with terminal, this should also work on Linux in a similar way although mounting locations may vary.

Simply open up Terminal, cd into the SD card with 'cd /Volumes/NameOfSDcard/'

type in 'ls -all'

It should display some files which have dot in front of their name.
For example. ".project.tft"

remove those files with 'rm filename.extension' (In my case it was 'rm .project.tft' )

In that directory you should only see your project.tft and '.' and '..'

Hope this helps future googlers who are trying to figure out why this problem pops up.

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