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Huge tft file size that does not reduce after deleting screens


I firstly created 1 page, compiled it was 326Kb. I added 7 other pages, changed fonts and background images and now is a whopping 9Mb...??? (which does not fit on the 3.2" :-(  )

Even deleting all background images and reduce nr of screens back to 1 does not really reduce the size anymore, both tft and HMI stay +9 Mb...

Any thoughts?



I had the same problem and it were caused by the fact that I did not generate a font in Nextion editor first.

A lot has improved over the 4 months since posted.

I have only recently joined the Nextion clan, and can see what you mean with the problems people experienced in older posts. This baffled me at first until I realized that they have improved on a lot of things.

Now only if I could get my head wrapped around the more complex Arduino coding, which is not easy if you are not a programmer or at least put a lot of time into it. If it weren't for all the helpful tips on the Net I wouldn't have even tried it.

I have not seen this issue in recent versions.

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